The specialist in cosmetic
surgery in Turkey


The specialist in cosmetic
surgery in Turkey


The specialist in cosmetic
surgery in Turkey

Why choose Aram Clinic ?

Internationaly renowned surgeons

A medical team that perfectly masters all aesthetic procedures especially hair transplant and dental aesthetics. Our center of cosmetic surgery in Turkey has been able to select the best surgeons and doctors to treat aesthetic defects of the face, body and chest.

Aram Clinic : The best plastic surgery center in Turkey

Aram Clinic is a medical and aesthetic center considered to be one of the best polyclinics in Istanbul. All of the services and departments comply with European standards in terms of care, hygiene and comfort. The clinic is equipped with a medical imaging centre and several hospital rooms worthy of the suites of a 5-star hotel.

Discounted rates on all types of surgery in Turkey

The prices of our plastic surgery center in Turkey are affordable and well researched. Moreover, they cover all the offered services : accommodation, transport, accompaniment, medical assistance, clinic fees, surgeon's fees, ... Without compromising the quality of our medical services, the offered prices can be customized according to the patient's requirements.

Our interventions

Our medical team ensures a personalized accompaniment throughout your medical stay in Turkey (Istanbul). Below are some of the surgeries performed in our aesthetic clinic.

Hair transplant

Effective hair techniques for all types of baldness.


The ideal procedure to have a fine nose in haromony with the facial features.


Get rid of the wrinkles around your eyes by opting for this surgery.

Dental implants

Dental care and treatments for a radiant smile.

Breast augmentation

The best surgical procedure to obtain firm and attractive breasts.

Breast lift

Lift your breasts by eliminating breast ptosis.


Sculpt your figure by getting rid of excess fat.


A flat tummy in one aesthetic procedure.

Free quote for your cosmetic surgery in Istanbul

plastic surgery in Istanbul.

Our patients’ testimonials

My DHI hair transplant with Aram Clinic allowed me to get rid of baldness and regain dense hair in a few months.

Thomas Johnson

Last year, I had a breast augmentation at one of your clinics in Istanbul. Today I'm very happy with the results.

Lydia Martin

By trusting Aram Clinic, I was able to correct my teeth and get a radiant smile with aligned, white and healthy teeth.

Melville Beaulac

A very clean clinic, a fantastic hotel and a very qualified surgeon. My hair surgery in Turkey was a real success. I was able to replenish my scalp without paying a huge amount of money.

David Lawrence

The stay with Aram Clinic was excellent, I did a complete liposuction and I m very satisfied with the results, the bruises have disappeared and I finally obtain a thin silhouette.

Mary Brown


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