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Rhinoplasty in Turkey

We all acknowledge that our ancestors lived under crucial circumstances; climatic conditions, natural disasters, endless wars, nature wildness... Yet, such cruel conditions they experienced never prevented them from enjoying life, meeting challenges and overcoming obstacles. Creating their own means and personalized tools, they made their way to comfort while valuing entertainment, art, science and also physical beauty.

Physical beauty was given a significant importance that was reflected in the establishment of the first fundamental foundations of cosmetic surgery. Indeed, ancient Greek, European, Indian and Egyptian civilizations have all left great archaeological monuments proving their scientific advancement and know-how, particularly in cosmetic surgery.
Rhinoplasty is centuries-old practice known since the earliest of times. It has become very simplified yet hugely promising, and is currently in the forefront of the most sought-after aesthetic operations worldwide.
Nowadays, it only takes a few hours to enhance nose appearance. In few days, patients enjoy a beautiful nose up to their expectations. At our Turkish aesthetic clinics, nose job surgery is performed by professionals and modern techniques and equipment, guaranteeing patients’ satisfactions and joy.
In fact, we offer rhinoplasty surgeries with competitive rates. Obtaining excellent results, our patients acknowledge such exceptional deals.
Take advantage of these surprising surgery deals and ask for your quote now. For a personalized offer and more information, please contact us. Our professional team will be glad to help you.

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Rhinoplasty : role

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic nose surgery enhancing completely or partially its morphology. Patients seek rhinoplasty surgeries for aesthetic reasons. They sometimes request to combine nose job surgery with genioplasty; a cosmetic chin surgery (Learn more about it in our genioplasty web page)
Rhinoplasty Turkey and genioplasty Turkey are two tremendously promising aesthetic procedures as they remarkably enhance and enrich facial features and expressions, towards attractiveness and charm.


Know more about your nose topography

Getting progressively curious, our patients are keen on discovering the different steps of a cosmetic surgery. Amazingly enough, this always helps us making the right decisions, and dodging unnecessary prejudices. For those interested in nose job surgery Turkey, here are some indications about different nasal components and nose shapes.
This information will broaden your general knowledge, allowing you to ask the right questions during a possible interview with a plastic surgeon. If some elements remain ambiguous, we advise contacting one of our Turkish plastic surgeons. Without any obligation whatsoever, you will have answers to all your questions.Regarding nose topography, there are three parts.

Dorsum: forms the ridge that runs along the nose. It is also called the nasal bridge. This element occupies the most important part of the nose. It is held in the middle by bone and supported at the lower part by cartilage.

Lobule: is located at the level of the lower part of the nose. It has the wings and tip of the nose. It consists of muscles and cartilage.
Columella: makes the middle of the two vestibules of the nostrils.
Nose shapes are very diversified. The features of each one is associated either with a hereditary factor or an ethnic origin. (African or Asian nose). The commonly encountered aspects are: hunchbacked nose, hooked nose, flattened nose, snub nose, Egyptian nose, and Greek nose.

Rhinoplasty surgeries in Turkey


One of several prerogatives of rhinoplasty consists in making discrete incisions under the nostrils or the line separating them. This part, which is the dividing line, is called columella. As you have probably noticed, a rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery with no scars behind.

Turkish plastic surgeons remove the nose skin and examine the bone deformities and cartilage defects. To remove an apparent nose bump, they reduce the bone mass. Hump removal makes it possible to have a refined nose. To enhance the tip-nose shape, several techniques are possible: reducing the wing cartilage, performing a cartilage graft, or joining the cartilage with sutures.

Partial rhinoplasty occurs when a surgery only focuses on a particular part of the nose. Otherwise, it is a complete nose job surgery when all nasal components are subject to cosmetic surgery.

Following rhinoplasty Turkey, special bandage and holding splint will be placed on the patients’ nose.

Rhinoplasty Turkey : Post-surgery and results

Two days after your nose job Turkey, bandages are changed and surgeons perform various necessary procedures. Around the fifth day, the splint is removed. This latter may be replaced with a new one if needed.

Then, patients get their regular life. However, they cannot practice sports activities during the first three months.

Rhinoplasty Turkey results are obtained within three months. Then, final results are obtained after 6 months to one year.

Rhinoplasty Turkey price

The price rhinoplasty Turkey is affordable, you will have the advantage of having a high quality medical stay by being operated on by the best plastic surgeons in Turkey, so ask for a free online quote to obtain nose surgery cost Turkey.

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