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Breast lift

Breast lift to correct breast ptosis

Breast ptosis is an unsightly defect that manifests itself as sagging breasts. The breasts are flaccid and sagging creating a vacuum in the upper part and gravity in the lower area. Breast ptosis can also occur after pregnancy, breastfeeding or following a weight loss. Aging of the skin is also responsible for sagging breasts. A breast lift is the only solution to correct this.

This cosmetic surgery is often associated with a breast augmentation or a breast reduction if the patient suffers from hypotrophy or hypertrophy of the breast.

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Breast lift : how is it performed ?

The breast lift is performed by one of our Turkish surgeons, it is realized under general anaesthesia and lasts between one hour and a half and three hours. It usually requires two days of hospitalization.

The principle of the procedure is simple. Ask yourself this question and you will understand what it is all about : how will sagging breasts look after the intervention ? The answer is obvious : they will be enhanced, firm and beautiful. This is the objective of the breast lift.

During breast lift Turkey, the plastic surgeon repositions the nipple and the areola, elevates the mammary gland and removes the excess of skin. This technique offers the patient beautiful, harmonious and symmetrical breasts.


There are three types of breast ptosis : a significant ptosis, a moderate ptosis and a slight ptosis. An incision technique is used for each type :

  • One incision around the areola followed by another one from the border of the areola to the furrow and a third one made horizontally in the fold of the breast. This fairly large incision takes the form of an inverted T. It is used in the case of a large breast ptosis.
  • If the ptosis is moderate, the third incision is no longer necessary.
  • In the case of a slight ptosis, the surgeon makes only one incision around the areolar area.

If the patient has breast hypotrophy, the surgeon will proceed with the placement of breast implants.

In all cases, regardless of the incision made, the breast lift does not affect the sensitivity of the breasts

Breast lift in Turkey : the postoperative phases


The pain is alleviated by conventional analgesics prescribed by the surgeon. Bruising and swelling persist for only a few days after the breast lift procedure in Turkey.

The bandage applied at the end of the procedure is replaced after 48 hours by a custom-made elastic bustier. The patient can then leave the clinic. She will be provided with a support bra during the next consultation. This bra must be worn 24 hours a day for one month. The patient must have a rest of one week.

The sutures are removed by the surgeon after 8 days of your breast lift Turkey.

Breast lift Turkey : the results

The result of breast lift Turkey can be seen from the beginning. It continues to improve gradually until reaching its final stage one year after the procedure. The patient's breasts have a better form. This brings her satisfaction and joy; she has finally done a breast lift in the right way and at an affordable price.

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