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From the first months of pregnancy, the abdominal skin begins to undergo a tension that gradually increases to reach its peak in the ninth month. After childbirth, this skin sags completely and thus leads to the appearance of several stretch marks that appear in pink or red colours. They generally have several sizes and are superimposed parallel to each other. This product phenomenon is associated with the elongation of the elastic fibres that constitute our dermis.

Repeated dieting also causes a sagging abdomen. Indeed, after the loss of a rather important overweight, the skin stretches to preserve its role as a body envelope. We do have to notice the repercussions of aging which naturally contribute to the sagging of the skin of the abdomen.
Unfortunately, sports activities, despite all their benefits do not give a good result. Indeed, according to numerous researches made by specialists, there is always an excess of fat and a surplus of skin. Thus, the best solution is to opt for another more effective alternative : Tummy tuck in Turkey

Tummy tuck : what is it ?

The tummy tuck is a very common plastic surgery in Turkey. The objective of this intervention which is performed by Turkish aesthetic surgeons is to remove the excessively flaccid and stretch-marked abdominal skin.

It is an old practice that has now become more efficient : the development of the used techniques, the anaesthetic procedures, and the suture methods. This remarkable progress has made it possible to considerably reduce the risks previously associated with this procedure and to guarantee the quality of the expected result.


In which cases one can do a tummy tuck in Turkey ?

To do a tummy tuck in Turkey, the patient must be in a good health. Overweight must not be very significant. This aesthetic procedure is not recommended and it is even forbidden for people who have already undergone a surgery on the upper abdomen. Indeed, the stretching of the abdominal skin cannot be done in the presence of certain old scars.

Tummy tuck can also be indicated as an aesthetic solution for patients who no longer wish to have a very sagging abdominal skin. Indeed, when this physical defect appears outrageously, it becomes very unbearable to perceive it and even difficult to live with. We can therefore say that these patients seek through this aesthetic procedure to have a certain moral relief and to get mental peace. In many countries of the world, women are more interested than men in this kind of aesthetic intervention.

Tummy tuck : What are the possible needs to correct it ?


Tummy tuck in Turkey : how is it done ?


Tummy tuck in Turkey aims at removing the excess skin from the abdomen and also tightens the abdominal muscles. The result which is obtained is satisfactory because it allows to have a flat belly.

During this procedure, liposuction is most likely to be associated to remove the excess fat from different areas of the body. This technique improves the shape of the abdomen.

Tummy tuck is usually performed under general anaesthesia and lasts approximately three hours.

The incision made during a tummy tuck procedure in Turkey is very discreet. It is located above the pubic area so that it will be perfectly hidden by the panties. The Turkish plastic surgeon carefully pulls the skin upwards. If he notices a sagging of the skin above the navel, he makes a fine incision around it to facilitate the removal of the excess skin. This second incision should not worry people who wish to have a tummy tuck because it has no repercussions on the navel as it remains stable and does not change its position.

The next step consists of removing the accumulated fat and stitching the abdominal muscles to tighten them as before. This is called a distension of the abdominal muscles. After having tightened the muscles, the surgeon stretches the skin downwards. Thanks to this stretching gesture, stretch marks will be remarkably reduced.

Wearing a compression girdle is highly recommended during the 4 or 6 weeks after the procedure. The patient will not have to make significant physical efforts during the first month following the intervention. The surgeon will examine the scars to evaluate the healing process

The scars

Our Turkish aesthetic surgeons in Turkey use very recent methods to achieve very fine scars. In the case of an excessive sagging, special sutures will be performed to optimize the new appearance of the skin. The scars will be surrounded by some slight lesions but they will disappear after a few months. Otherwise, a simple intervention can be performed under local anaesthesia. Many of our patients are interested by this solution.

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The result of a tummy tuck in Turkey

Usually, all our patients want to see the final result of a tummy tuck right after the procedure. However, as with any surgery, a recovery period is necessary for the skin to readjust and for the scars to fade away. The result of a tummy tuck in Turkey can be seen between 2 and 4 months after the intervention. This does not mean that the improvements will not be perceived before this period : the day after the procedure, the patient will appreciate some changes.

Tummy tuck surgery can be associated with other interventions such as breast augmentation which consists of increasing the volume of the breasts through breast implants.

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Cost : How much do I have to pay ?

The price tummy tuck Turkey is within everyone's reach, ask for a free online quote to have abdominoplasty Turkey cost or contact us by phone for more details.


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