Vaser liposuction

Vaser Lipo in Turkey

Vaser liposuction Turkey is done with a vaser material (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance.). The intervention is based on the principle of ultrasound. It helps to get rid of fat under the surface of the skin of different parts of the body.

Unlike the traditional method, it is intended to be more precise and less painful. The main difference is the use of ultrasound which allows, thanks to high-frequency vibrations, to gently break the fat. After fat cell destruction, liposuction is easier to achieve.

Procedure : How is vaser liposuction in Turkey done ?

Vaser lipo in Turkey is a plastic intervention, it is for both men and women and before any surgery, you should make an appointment with a plastic surgeon who will consult you and explain which technology is best suited to your case.

As a prerequisite for the procedure, either local or general anaesthesia is required. Vaser liposuction is a procedure in which subcutaneous fatty deposits are removed to improve the aesthetics of a specific area of the body such as the belly, saddlebags, thighs, hips, knees calves…Ideally, patients treated with ultrasonic liposuction are in a good health and are looking to reshape their body rather than lose weight.


This technology uses ultrasound. Thanks to ultrasound, liposuction is made easier and the postoperative period is simpler.

The vaser lipo technique uses high-frequency ultrasound vibration to break up fat cells.


The vibration releases the fat cells and eventually the tumescent liquid that was injected into the treatment area mixes with the fat cells that have been detached. Once the emulsion has begun, a cannula is used to remove the liquid and the fat cells. A small amount of local anesthetic remains in the tissue which reduces postoperative pain.

This process is considered to be simpler than traditional liposuction techniques. It allows you to get the figure you have always wanted to obtain.

In addition, vaser lipo in Istanbul is specifically designed to remove fat while protecting and preserving other tissues. Moreover, when using saline, there is generally less bleeding and bruising.

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Recovery : What to expect after a vaser liposuction Turkey ?


The time required to recover from vaser liposuction Turkey is proportional to the amount of fat that has been removed.

During the first few days following the vaser lipo in Turkey, the patient will have to wear a support garment, the duration of its wearing varies according to the area that has been treated by vaser liposuction, the skin consistency and other factors that will be explained by the plastic surgeon.

Post-operative pain is usually minimal. Fatigue may be experienced in the first few days.

Professional activities can be resumed 15 days after the intervention.

Bruises resolve within 15 days after surgery. Post-operative edema disappears within 2-3 months.

Lymphatic drainings improve the result of liposuction.

Sports activities can be resumed with the consent of the surgeon as it depends on the patient’s case.

It is very important and necessary to follow the surgeon’s recommendations.

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Results : What are they ?

The results of ultrasonic liposuction in Istanbul are very impressive and visible immediately, while improving progressively after complete disappearance of bruising and swelling.

The definitive results will be appreciated after four to six months, the necessary time to notice the phenomenon of skin retraction and the complete disappearance of swelling.

It is very important to adopt a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet and regular physical activities) after your vaser lipo in order to maintain the results.

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Cost : How much does a vaser lipo Turkey cost ?

The price vaser lipo Turkey is advantageous, so, ask for a free online quote by filling in the quotation request form or contact us by phone to be in touch with one of our counselors who will be pleased to give you all the details and information about this technique.



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