Beard holes

Beard holes

If a bald area suddenly appears on your beard, you may be suffering from alopecia or baldness. This condition can also affect your beard and your mustaches, not only your scalp. In fact, the alopecia causes hair loss that results in the appearance of small, round, thin spots on the face and more specifically in the beard. These holes may disappear or may last for many years.

What causes the appearance of beard holes ?

Alopecia is not contagious. It is an autoimmune disease. Tiny cells of the immune system, called T-cells gather around the base of a hair follicle and try to kill it. This causes hair loss. But at some point, the immune attack must stop and the hair grows back.


Beard holes can be caused by :

Hormonal imbalance

Balanced hormones in the body play an important role in the beard growth. However, a considerable reduction in hormones can have an impact on the male attribute which can lead to the process of alopecia.

Dental problems

Dental diseases that are neglected can be the cause of the development of holes in the beard.

Mental changes

Mental disparity and stress can be the cause of the development of holes in the beard.

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Hair follicle loss can be genetic.


Usually, the legendary cause of the appearance of holes in the beard is the fungal contamination.

The lack of amino acids and vitamins

The beard is made of keratin; it's a kind of amino acid that can be obtained from other sources such as the animals and the organisms that are rich in protein for example: the eggs, the soybeans, the edible seaweed. In addition, a deficiency in vitamins A and beta A which have the vital role of making beards grow faster can cause holes in the beard

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Symptoms before the appearance of a hole in the beard

It is not easy to predict how beard alopecia will develop. Hair loss can occur suddenly, within days or weeks. Baldness appears in small circular patches. As hair loss increases, these circles sometimes begin to overlap. The hair around these patches may also be white.

Your skin may be itchy before the appearance of a hole in your beard.

Usually, the visible skin is smooth, but, it may feel rough to the touch. Some people experience redness, irritation and inflammation in the bald areas of the face.


Diagnosis before treatment of beard holes

Before beard holes treatment, the plastic surgeon or dermatologist can diagnose beard alopecia. Sometimes this can be done by examining your hair loss and samples of your hair under a microscope.

You may need to have a scalp biopsy or blood test to detect signs of an underlying infection or disease, including autoimmune disease. You may be tested for other conditions that can cause a hole in the beard or loss of mustache hair, such as fungal infections or thyroid disorders.


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