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Arm lift

Arm lift in Turkey

Some women willingly accept the physical defects that aging has on their bodies : wrinkles, sagging skin, breast ptosis, sagging eyelids etc.. This is not a problem for them as long as they feel comfortable. However, other women refuse the effects of aging. Thus, They seek all the possible solutions to look younger : cosmetic products, sport, changing their style of clothing, using well-being therapy sessions etc.

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These women are not wrong as they meet the demands of a society in which physical beauty is very important. One example is social discrimination against very fat people. These women do not only seek to get rid of the effects of aging in order to please others but also to preserve the feeling of well-being and to feel morally and physically young.

The most unappreciated symptoms by this female category are the appearance of wrinkles on the face, the sagging breasts, the sagging abdominal skin and the sagging skin of the arms.


Plastic surgery in Turkey can correct each of these unsightly defects : a facelift to improve the appearance of the face, a breast lift to enhance the breasts, an abdominoplasty to treat the sagging belly skin and a brachioplasty to correct the shape of the sagging arms.

The brachioplasty in Turkey may be indicated for aesthetic reasons, when the patient's arms have a large excess of skin and a large amount of fat on the inner part of the arm. This unsightly deterioration of the condition of the arms may be due to the natural course of the aging process, to a hereditary factor or to successive diets.

Arm lift turkey : The procedure


The principle of the arm lift procedure consists of aspirating the fat deposits located in the arm and performing a lift to get rid of the excess skin. The excess fat is removed with liposuction. If the patient's arms are empty and have no excess fat, only an arm lift can be done.

There are three possible types of incisions to be made during a brachioplasty : an incision in the armpit, an incision in the inner part of the arm and an incision that combines both techniques. The length of the incision depends on the amount of the skin to be removed: the more the skin is removed, the longer the incision will be.

After examining the patient's arms during the first consultation, the Turkish plastic surgeon chooses the cosmetic procedure that will give the best result.

Arm lift Turkey is done under general anaesthesia or under local anaesthesia. It depends on the case of each patient and on the decision taken by the anaesthesiologist and the Turkish plastic surgeon.

Like every aesthetic procedure performed in Turkey, brachioplasty requires some preoperative examinations. These examinations are prescribed by the Turkish plastic surgeon at the first consultation.

The postoperative phases and the results

Brachioplasty in Turkey does not cause any significant pain. The appearance of oedema and several bruises is evident during the first days following the procedure. Sensitivity disorders will be reduced from the 3rd month. It is highly recommended to avoid practising sport two weeks after the brachioplasty.
Sun exposure is also not recommended. The scars made during an arm lift will be gradually reduced. From the third month following the intervention, they will have a pinkish appearance that will gradually lighten. The final result of an arm lift in Turkey can be appreciated after three months.

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