The excess fat

The excess fat

A great number of people have some unwanted excess fat on their bodies, so if they tried everything but still haven't succeeded in sculpting their silhouettes and getting a perfect body, a cosmetic treatment would be the best solution to remove excess fat.

What are the causes of the formation of excess fat ?

The weight gain that causes excess fat can be the result of a variety of factors, as, when people age, their metabolism begins to slow down, moreover, genetic factors and hormones can also play an important role in the formation of localized fat masses making some people more likely to store fat and less likely to burn it.

The dangers of storing excess fat in the body

The excess fat in the body increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver and some forms of cancer.
Whatever the cause is, the excess fat can be a frustrating aesthetic problem and can lead to depression and many psychological disorders.
Obesity is a major health problem in developed countries and a growing problem in developing countries. A better understanding of the biological basis of obesity should facilitate its prevention and its treatment.

It is important to note that excess fat can be dangerous for our health, its causes differ from one perso to another and they are as follow :

Lack of regular physical activities


Genetics, in this case, you can suffer from excess fat even if you eat less

Excessive consumption of sugary foods

When you eat your meals at any time of the day and especially late at night.


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How to prevent excess fat ?


Preventing excess fat is very simple :

Consume your meals at fixed hours of the day.

Eat a balanced diet and especially fruits and vegetables at each meal

Opt for food low in sugars

Avoid fried foods

Practice regular physical activities (30 minutes of physical exercises per day can reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity).

Maintain a normal healthy weight

Avoid smoking

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How to eliminate excess fat ?

Although many people try to get rid of excess fat they accumulate on their abdomen, legs, buttocks, arms, neck and face through a healthy diet and a regular physical activity, they often fail. Then, even if they are able to get rid of it in some areas of the body, other areas may stubbornly retain the excess fat. In these cases, a cosmetic treatment will be the best solution.

We know how frustrating stubborn fat can be as it can lead to depression and lack of self confidence and many other psychological and health problems, that’s why we are proud to offer our patients a wide range of treatments that can help them correct this aesthetic problem and obtain the body they’ve always wanted to have.

Among these solutions:

Liposuction :

Liposuction is a plastic intervention that aims at eliminating excess fat from different areas of the body such as the belly, thighs, buttocks, arms, knees, hips…so as to obtain a harmonious figure and thus regain self confidence.

Vaser liposuction:

Vaser liposuction is an innovative technique and a new body fat removal and remodeling procedure that uses ultrasound technology to eliminate excess fat under the skin through the use of micro-cannulas.

But, before undergoing any procedure, you must have a consultation with your surgeon so as to examine you, give you some medical examinations to do to evaluate your health, he will also speak with you about the suitable solution that will allow you to get rid of excess fat by explaining you its process from the beginning to the end with all its results, benefits, recovery time...





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