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Breast reduction

Breast reduction in Turkey

Having a very voluminous breast is very appreciated by women. However, when the volume of the breasts becomes excessive, it leads to physical and moral discomfort. Our clinics offer effective and very safe breast reduction procedures.

Concerning the patients who come from the different countries of the world, we facilitate all the necessary tasks for their medical stays in Turkey. An assistance service provided by a highly experienced team is available to anyone seeking further information about our multidisciplinary aesthetic clinics and about cosmetic surgery in Turkey.
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Breast reduction turkey

Breast reduction treats breast hypertrophy and tightens sagging skin caused by the overweight breasts. This is a restorative aesthetic procedure that aims at improving the appearance of the breasts and treating the pain caused by breast hypertrophy.

Breast reduction surgery is performed when the large weight of the breasts becomes very troublesome. Indeed, the breast hypertrophy due to a great hormonal excess causes several back or neck pains and a breast ptosis which manifests itself by sagging breasts and by an excessive slackening of the skin of the chest. This phenomenon generally begins at puberty or after pregnancy. Overweight can also lead to breast hypertrophy.


Breast structure

Located above the pectoral muscle, the breast is made of fat, glands and numerous ducts. The amount of each of these elements varies from one woman to another.

The role of the gland is to produce milk, which is then transported to the nipple through the ducts. The breast contains several compartments called lobules. These are also composed of other lobules connected by channels. The breast is also composed of nerves, blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels.

Price breast reduction in Turkey

The price breast reduction Turkey is affordable, so, do not hesitate to ask for a free online quote to obtain the cost breast reduction Turkey.

Breast reduction procedure : how is it performed


Breast reduction surgery Turkey is a plastic surgery that lasts about three hours, it is performed under general anaesthesia and it requires two days of hospitalization. The Turkish plastic surgeon draws lines on the patient's breasts. The work to be done during the procedure consists in removing excess breast tissue and then lifting the skin envelope that will improve the shape of the breasts and give them a better appearance.
The surgeon may reduce the areola and stretch it with the nipple upwards as well, it also depends on the case of each patient. During the procedure, the surgeon takes every precaution to ensure the proper functioning of the blood vessels of the mammary gland. The sensitivity of the breasts is also taken into consideration. The incisions made are closed with absorbable sutures.
At the end of the intervention, the surgeon proceeds to the placement of the drains in the treated area to avoid the risk of bruising. A shaping bandage made up of several elastic bands in the shape of a bra will then be applied. This dressing can only be used for a period of 24 hours. It will be replaced by a suitable bra that the patient will have to wear 24 hours a day for a month.
Three scars are made during this procedure, two of them are essential while the third is optional and is only done when the breast hypertrophy is important. The number of incisions is determined by the Turkish plastic surgeon during the first consultation.
Three scars are made during this procedure, two of them are essential while the third is optional and is only done when the breast hypertrophy is important. The number of incisions is determined by the Turkish plastic surgeon during the first consultation.
In answer to the question asked by all our patients : will the incisions made during breast reduction surgery leave visible scars ? We specify that the peri-areolar scar will be completely attenuated while the other two (the vertical and the horizontal scars) will remain slightly visible.

The Turkish plastic surgeon advises the patient to use a moisturizing cream to reduce the scars that will have a pink color after 6 months and will become very white after another 4 months. If the appearance of the scars is very unsightly, a CO2 laser treatment may be considered.

Breast reduction : the postoperative phases

Simple painkillers will be administered after your breast reduction Turkey to alleviate any minor pain. Bruises will fade after a few days. The swelling will also disappear two weeks later. The patient will have to be careful not to make physical efforts.

Breast reduction : the results

The day after the breast reduction Turkey, the new shape of the breast is already well observed. The size of the breast is well reduced. The patient obtain firm breasts that are in a perfect harmony with his morphology. After three months, the skin readjusts and the appearance of the breasts improves even more. The final result will be appreciated from the 6th month after the surgery.

Breast reduction Turkey : its advantages

Large breasts affect women’s lives on all levels and especially their health, so breast reduction surgery Turkey is the best solution to get rid of this problem as it has several advantages:

  • It alleviates neck, shoulder and back pain while eliminating irritation under their breasts
  • Your breasts will look firmer and in harmony with the rest of the silhouette
  • It improves your posture
  • It improves your breathing
  • It allows you to have a wide choice of clothing and especially in summer
  • It helps you regain self confidence
  • It allows you to practice physical activities as it has always been difficult to opt for physical exercices when we have heavy breasts.

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