Breast hypertrophy

Breast hypertrophy or macromastia : what are the causes ?

Breast hypertrophy can lead to serious physical, functional and even psychological problems. Indeed, a large breast disproportionate to the overall morphology of the woman causes discomfort in the practice of normal physical activities (especially when this hypertrophy is associated with sagging breast), back pain, shoulder and neck aches, skin irritations, ... and the difficulty of finding bras adapted to the size of the breasts.

The causes of breast hypertrophy in women

Breast hypertrophy is a benign condition caused by the excessive development of the mammary glands during or after pregnancy, after weight gain or since the adolescence.

This abnormal development of the mammary gland causes obvious physical discomfort such as back and neck pain.

It can cause an asymmetry of the breasts compared to the rest of the body.

The main source of the excessive breast development is the exaggerated production of sex hormones in women, such as prolactin, which is secreted in abundance during the first menstrual period and during the breastfeeding.

In addition, the natural aging process, weight changes and hormonal disturbances can affect the evolution of breast volume and make them sag.


Evolution of breast hypertrophy

Under the effect of gravity, the breasts sag giving an impression of heaviness. If the breasts have also a large volume, the result is to have sagging and heavy breasts with the nipple pointing downwards. This aspect of the breasts, in addition to being physically embarrassing, causes complexes and problems in dressing.

The abnormal increase in breast size can cause asymmetry of the breasts in relation to the rest of the body. In some cases, one breast may grow more than the other, creating an imbalance and discomfort for the woman when she wants to dress or go to the beach in a swimming costume.

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How to treat breast hypertrophy?

The most effective treatment is breast reduction and, in some very specific cases, liposuction. The choice between one or the other of these procedures depends on the cause of the hypertrophy.

In the case of an enlargement of the mammary gland, ablative surgery will reduce the breast volume. However, if the cause of the enlargement is an excess of fat, the surgeon will be able to suck out this excess and perform a breast lift.

A consultation with the surgeon is important to examine you, evaluate your health, medical history and indicate you the technique that best suits you to treat breast hypertrophy and explains you all the procedure with its results,recovery period, benefits…


The indications for a breast reduction

There are two reasons for breast reduction : the functional reasons and the aesthetic reasons:

Functional reason:

Large breasts cause back and neck pain and are a handicap in everyday life for example when doing sports.

Aesthetic reason:

Large breasts distort the figure and tend to fall out.

Psychological reason:

Breast hypertrophy can affect the patient psychologically as she will lose self confidence, feel embarrassed when going to the beach in addition to problems of clothing.

A normal breast, of B or C cup, weighs about 400 grams. Generally, It is from cup size E and especially F that patients consider them too large and sometimes ask for a breast reduction to get rid of breast hypertrophy, obtain harmonious breasts and feel more comfortable and self-confident.

The surgeon will evaluate with the patient the most adequate size to be removed according to the patient's wishes, her morphology, the type of mammary gland and the quality of the skin.

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