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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation in Turkey

Deciding to do a breast augmentation Turkey to improve the appearance of your breasts is certainly a wise choice.

Our clinics are very well known abroad. They are also very well equipped and offer perfectly successful aesthetic interventions at an affordable price. The care provided in each of these establishments is ensured by highly qualified Turkish plastic surgeons who are all doctors in plastic reconstructive surgery. Each of them has significant professional experiences both nationally and internationally. You can have an aidea about breast augmentation Turkey. But, we strongly suggest you to contact one of our Turkish plastic surgeons to have a professional and personalized information. It is also important to notice that each patient represents a particular case.

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Breast augmentation Turkey : what is it ?

Breast augmentation which is also known as boob job is a procedure that has become easy and not risky, seducing more and more thousands or even millions of women around the world. This aesthetic intervention consists in increasing the volume of the breasts by the placement of breast implants.

The success of the breast augmentation procedure in Turkey comes from the fact that the result which is obtained offers a voluminous breast of a completely natural appearance.


Breast augmentation with prostheses

There are two types of breast prostheses : silicone prostheses and physiological saline prostheses. Both types of breast implants are encased in a layer of silicone elastomer. They can have a round or an anatomic form.

Turkish cosmetic surgeons generally opt for silicone gel prostheses because they look very natural and do not deviate from their location after the procedure. On the other hand, the use of these prostheses has never been associated with any particular disease or breast cancer.
Moreover, the patients can breastfeed after breast augmentation. Silicone breast implants have also a very long lifespan.
The other solution for breast augmentation, as already mentioned, is to insert an implant made of a physiological gel. This implant is empty in its initial state. It will be filled by the plastic surgeon after placing the envelope under the pectoral muscle.
The use of saline implants is not really recommended by Turkish plastic surgeons, as this type of prosthesis may deflate after a certain time. Moreover, unlike silicone gel, physiological saline does not give the breast a natural appearance. Moreover, the physiological saline breast implant can cause several folds on the sides.

Breast augmentation : how to be prepared for this procedure ?


Breast augmentation surgery lasts about two hours, it is realized under general anaesthesia and it requires two days of hospitalization

As with any surgical procedure, the discussions with the plastic surgeon and the anaesthesiologist are always essential before your breast augmentation Turkey

During these first consultations, you will know about all the details related to your aesthetic intervention in Turkey such as : the choice of the breast implants and the adequate volume, the type of incisions, the duration of healing. A mammogram and a blood test will be requested by your plastic surgeon. The risks related to this procedure are very rare.

Breast prosthesis insertion areas

The surgeon chooses the location in which he will place the breast prosthesis. This location depends on the case of each patient, it may be behind the pectoral muscle and we speak in this case of a retro-muscular position or in front of the pectoral muscle which implies a retro-glandular position.

The retro-muscular position is generally indicated for thin women with very small breasts. The surgeon will explain to the patient the advantages and disadvantages of each type of location

Types of incisions

A periareolar incision

This incision is made around the nipple. Despite its discretion, it is not recommended for women who wish to breastfeed after the procedure because it requires the cutting of certain breast ducts.

The inframammary incision

In this case, the incision zone is located at the level of the mammary fold. The choice of this incision helps to avoid the risks leading to breastfeeding problems. It also allows easy access to the implantation area.

The axillary incision

This incision is made in the armpit. Although it does not have negative effects on the quality of the breastfeeding, the axillary incision is generally avoided by Turkish cosmetic surgeons because it does not allow to hide the traces of the incisions.


Breast augmentation in Turkey : the post-operative phases

After breast augmentation Turkey, drain will be placed by the surgeon on the operated area. This drain will be kept for only 24 hours. Then it will be replaced by a support bra to maintain the prostheses and to protect the breast.

Breast augmentation Turkey : the results

The result of the breast augmentation in Turkey will be very satisfactory after two or three months. From the 6th month, it becomes spectacular. Six months is in fact the necessary period for the inflammatory reactions to disappear and for the skin to adapt to the new volume of the breasts.

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