Breast hypotrophy

Breast hypotrophy : the causes

Breast hypoplasia or breast hypotrophy is a deficiency in the breast volume. It results in the absence of mammary gland development and can be seen since the adulthood, at the end of the puberty or as you get older. This anomaly can be perceived as a lack of femininity and often leads to a psychological discomfort while causing a lack of self-confidence in the affected woman.

What are the causes of breast hypotrophy ?

There are two types of breast hypotrophy:

  • Mammary hypoplasia or moderate hypotrophy: the mammary gland has developed too little in relation to the woman's anatomy. Hypoplasia is sometimes accompanied by a slight breast ptosis.
  • Mammary aplasia or agenesis: this is the total absence of a breast in a woman. The aplasia may concern both breasts or, more rarely, only one.
  • Breast hypotrophy can lead to other problems especially during breastfeeding. Indeed, an insufficient mammary gland does not allow the production of breast milk, so breastfeeding can be difficult.


The causes of breast hypoplasia are often genetic or secondary.

Genetic causes

Breast aplasia is the lack of development of the mammary gland of genetic origin. Breast hypoplasia is mainly due to genetic pathologies that cause atrophy of the breast gland volume. These so-called genetic diseases are caused by chromosomal aberrations, the exposure of the embryo to harmful substances, thus promoting malformations and leading to breast hypoplasia which occurs at puberty.

Secondary Causes

During puberty, the mammary gland may be subject to external factors or pathologies that cause poor development. Significant hormonal disturbances can also affect the development of the mammary gland and hinder its growth as well as significant weight loss, pregnancy or the use of toxic substances.

Poor diet, alcoholism and smoking can slow down the development of glands and reduce the breast size. These causes are not yet well understood by doctors and researchers, but they seem to influence the breast size, especially in women with a rather disturbed puberty.

The sudden weight loss is another very common cause of the breast hypotrophy, in fact, in addition to a problem with the development of the mammary gland, the absence of adipose tissue in the breasts can cause a lack of development. This cause is often induced by sudden weight loss which will deprive the female breast of all the fat that gave it its curves.

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How to treat breast hypotrophy ?

First of all, you must have a consultation with the surgeon so as to examine you, evaluate your health as well as you medical history and tells you about the procedure that best suits you according to your case (your mammary gland, type of skin, your silhouette…).

Breast hypotrophy can be treated through these following aesthetic interventions:

  • Breast augmentation with implants which aims at enlarging the volume of the breasts through the insertion of breast implants for a more voluminous and feminine breast in harmony with the silhouette.
  • Breast lipoflling which consists of enlarging the volume of the breasts through the patient’s own fat and this by removing excess fat from the different ares of the silhouette (the buttocks, thighs, belly, arms...) to reinject it into the breasts for a natural result..

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