Nose defects

Nose defects

Located in the middle of the face, the slightest nasal defect is obvious and can become a source of complex. Thanks to cosmetic surgery, it is now possible to reshape your nose as for every problem and every nasal deformation, there is an adapted surgical technique.

There are several defects that require surgery. The shape of the nose varies from one person to another and it happens that a person wants to change the features of his or her nose without having a malformation. Thus, cosmetic rhinoplasty can be performed.

The different types of the noses:

  • Hunchback :it is a nose which has a bump at the level of the nasal bridge.
  • Hooked :it is the Aquiline nose. It is thin with the nasal tip pointing downwards.
  • Drooping :it is stretched down the face.
  • Flattened :This is the Camus nose, it is short and flattened.
  • Flat :this type of the nose characterizes the Africans and the Asians who generally have a short and a wide nose, especially at the level of the nostrils.
  • In trumpet:it is when the tip of the nose is turned upwards.

So, rhinoplasty realized in Turkey can be either medical or surgical and aims at refining and reshaping these different types of the nose.

The deformation of the nose can also result from an accident. In this case, the reconstructive surgery can help to correct it.

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How to reshape the nose?


Made up of a soft tissue, a cartilage and a bone, the nose can be reshaped according to the desires of the patient but within the limits of the possible. An African nose cannot become a European nose. It is necessary to respect the harmony of the facial features, the socio-cultural and the genetic specificities for a natural result.

The surgical techniques of the rhinoplasty make it possible to make the necessary modifications. The surgical acts are adapted to each defect for a precise and a relevant gesture.

For example, to refine a flat nose, an ethnic rhinoplasty must be done; and to modify a flattened nose, the surgeon can do cartilage or bone grafts.

Simple deformities can be corrected by a medical rhinoplasty. Injections of hyaluronic acid can fill in a hollow or a slight bump for example.

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