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Face-lift in Turkey

Face Lift (rhytidectomy) in Turkey we enjoy life to the fullest despite all shenanigans. However, many signs interact reminding us that life has limits. Wrinkles are unfortunately one of them. They spoil the youthful appearance of our skin to remind us that youth is up to leave and that our candle will soon be extinguished.

SAY NO! Never allow yourself to be carried away by despair or pessimism. Smile, live life with a smile. Free yourself from negative waves and choose not to perceive those "unwelcome" Wrinkles anymore.
Our accredited and very modern Turkish aesthetic clinics: International Carthage Medical Center, Hannibal Clinic and Pasteur Clinic share with you the pleasure of loving life.

Face lift: aging process

The skin belongs to the integumentary system, which provides several functions: sensory communication, protection of our organism, regulation of body temperature and also production of vitamin D, essential for the proper development of osteogenesis.
Wrapping the whole body, the skin occupies 16% of our total weight. It is made up of three layers; epidermis, dermis and hypodermis, and is composed of water, proteins, fat and mineral salts.

Epidermis role is protecting water reserves to ensure good hydration of the skin. With age, ceramides become less functional, hydration gradually decreases and cells are renewed less and less. The dermal-epidermal junction, also called the epidermal basement membrane, loses its natural undulations, which reduces exchanges between skin compartments.

Other changes triggered in the dermis are manifested by a decrease in collagen and elastin production, hyaluronic acid decrease, and also by compactness loss of the extra-cellular matrix. All these mutations are associated with aging process which continually promotes skin slackening and the appearance of wrinkles.
The face, our first interface of communication with others, undergoes like all other body organs the unsightly consequences of aging.

Face Lift: What Needs to Correct it ?


Procedure for face lift surgery

Face lift : dedication

Face lift in Turkey is indicated as a radical solution against facial skin aging in case the use of creams and cosmetic products does not meet patients’ expectations. Such cosmetic surgery in Turkey is on increased demand, especially by females.

Facelift: surgery guidelines

With age, facial skin aging process finds the right conditions to generate many unsightly blemishes: cheekbones loosen and collapse, expression lines become profoundly deep, lower cheeks appear and hollow appears in cheeks center. The face lift is performed from the forties onwards.
Turkish plastic surgeons will inquire about patient’s age and medical records. They will also seek to know whether patients are heavy smokers or not. They will then examine the face to determine skin characteristics. The face lift in Turkey offers convincing results that will turn patients 10 years younger.

There are five categories of face lift surgeries:

Cervicofacial lift

This operation is frequently performed by Turkish plastic surgeons. It consists of treating face and neck aging. The affected area is located between the temples and the jowls.

Temporal lifting

It is used to stretch eyebrow tail upwards removing excess skin responsible for excessive sagging of the upper eyelid. This technique also helps to reduce crow's feet. It can be performed alone or in combination with blepharoplasty.

Forehead lift

It is used to enhance forehead skin and muscles.
Morphological transformation: this is a more significant procedures that is performed on the temporal area and eye corner. Its results appear on eyes and cheekbones shape. This technique is called mask-lift. Face shape is completely changed as a result of a morphological transformation. This procedure is rarely requested by our patients. The complete face-lift: this aesthetic procedure combines all above-mentioned techniques: cervicofacial lift, temporal lift, forehead lift and mask-lift.

Facelift: intervention

Duration: 2 to 4 hrs hospitalization: 1 to 2 days

There are multiple methods to perform facelift. The surgical solutions are numerous and diversified. However, basic principles remain the same. Surgeon makes incisions around ear edges. These incisions will be completely hidden by hair.
Then, they remove face skin and carefully retighten it in order to repair skin texture. The skin will take on a better shape created by the muscular mobilization. Surgeon then remove excess skin and make sutures closing incisions.

Face lift: post-surgery

Patients are allowed to leave clinic one to two days after surgery. Hospitalization duration depends on the importance of performed procedures. Patients should rest well for the first ten days following surgery.
During the convalescence period, patients must avoid any kinds of heavy physical effort. The exposure of edema accompanied by some bruising is inevitable. This should not frighten patients, as it is a completely normal reaction that occurs after all surgical procedures.
The bruising and swelling will be gone within a month. It is very likely that one will feel some pain in the back of their ears. Such pain will be accompanied by some unpleasant sensations. Patients will also notice that their ears and cheeks have become less sensitive. All these symptoms are temporary. They will eventually disappear.

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Facelift: results

Face lift results last up to ten years. It is preferable that such surgery be performed before the sixties. However, we draw our patients' attention to the fact that face lift can significantly enhance their face appearances, but it does not prevent the natural aging process from taking place.




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