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Hollywood smile
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The design of a Hollywood smile Turkey is a complete procedure of restoration and rejuvenation to improve the look of your smile. It combines aesthetic, dental and facial rejuvenation to give you the perfect Hollywood smile, like a star. Hollywood smile is a great option if you have chipped, misaligned or discolored teeth. Whitening toothpastes are only effective for a limited time, however, a bright and shining smile is everyone’s dream to improve their professional and personal prospects. A Hollywood smile Turkey is not a unique procedure. It’s a package of personalized treatment for each patient who whiches to have a brillant smile. Dentists examine the shape, structure, size and bite of the teeth as well as the overall dental health. They also check for cavities, gum disease, etc to see if the candidate is qualified for the intervention. The treatment consists of gluing composite facets or ceramic laminates to the surface of the teeth. This is simply a revocable procedure and does not involve any discomfort or pain, nor does it require anaesthesia. However, if the tooth has lost its integrity or is poorly formed, your dentist will recommend a zirconia crown to strengthen the structure of the tooth while improving its appearance and the health of adjacent structures.



Hollywood smile Turkey includes many procedures that focus on straightening, repairing, and replacing teeth as well as filling spaces between teeth, improving smile lines, correcting a gingival smile and teeth whitening. Some of these include:

Improving the colour of the teeth :

Stains and discoloration of tooth can be cleaned or whitened to the shade that best suited to your face using an advanced whitening solution. dental veneers (a thin layer of dental-colored material placed on a tooth) or crown implants (a tooth-shaped cap) can also be used to cover discoloration and damage.

Replacing Missing teeth :

The spaces between the teeth are usually the cause of cavities and other oral health problems. They can destroy tooth alignment over time and result in bites and chewing problems. Your dentist may recommend dental bridges which are crown implants that fill the gap between two teeth or dental implants.

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Alignment :

Teeth can sometimes be aligned asymmetrically or overlap. Misaligned teeth can be corrected by a complete reconstruction of the mouth or aesthetic dentistry such as porcelain veneers. This process involves covering a discolored, poorly formed or damaged tooth with a very thin, durable ceramic dental facet, creating a new front for the entire tooth.

Shaping the tooth :

Even small details such as the size and shape of the teeth can be corrected. Your teeth can be lengthened or shortened using gum reduction or porcelain veneers to make them more attractive. The shape of the tooth can be modified using facets .

Balance of the gums :

A smile can be corrected by gingival surgery before placing facets or crowns.

The recovery

The procedures that allow you to have a Hollywood smile Turkey are usually painless and don’t require you to stay at home, you can resume your work immediately. However, you have to take good care of your teeth and make sure to clean them regularly to maintain the results.

It might also be recommended to avoid certain foods and drinks such as coffee and tea to preserve the white color of your teeth.

The patient should maintain a good dental hygiene by brushing his teeth three times a day.
A poor oral hygiene causes the development of cavities and leads to a lot of periodontal diseases.

Results of Hollywood smile Turkey


After getting all the procedures that are necessary for your teeth, you will have a set of straight teeth with no missing tooth, no stains, and with a shining white colour, just like a Hollywood star.

Price of Hollywood smile Turkey

There is no fixed price Hollywood smile Turkey considering that it’s not a unique technique. The price varies depending on the procedures that your doctor will recommend you.


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