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Dental veneers
in Turkey

If your teeth suffer from some unsightly defects (stains, cracks or diastema), and if you feel embarrassed to see them in such a state, opt for dental veneers. This treatment allows you to repair all the imperfections so that you will be able to smile with serenity.


The dental veneers are made of composite or porcelain and are placed on the front teeth.

The objective through the placement of these shells is mainly to improve the appearance of the teeth especially when they are fractured or misaligned. Veneers also serve to close the diastema which means to fill the space between the teeth.

Dental veneers in Turkey : their preparation

The dental surgeon prepares the dental veneers using composite materials and then places them directly. If the patient prefers porcelain veneers, he or she asks for an X-ray, takes the impressions and sends them to the laboratory.

Dental Veneers: What Needs to be Remedied ?


The sessions

The dental surgeon places temporary veneers on the affected teeth which will be removed during the next consultation. Another appointment is scheduled two or three weeks later. During this next session, the dental surgeon checks the adaptability and the colour of the porcelain veneers and then fixes them on the teeth with dental cement

The appearance of the dental veneers is very natural. Moreover, they are very resistant to stains.

The patient should maintain a good dental hygiene by brushing his teeth three times a day.
A poor oral hygiene causes the development of cavities and leads to a lot of periodontal diseases.

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