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Beard transplant

Beard transplant Turkey

Beard transplant is a procedure that restores hair in bald areas when there is an absence of facial hair growth that causes the appearance of holes in the beard.

Beard transplant price in Turkey

The price of the beard transplant depends on the case of each patient. In fact, our clinic of cosmetic surgery allows you to restore the hair of your beard at an affrodable price thanks to beard transplant procedure elaborated within the framework of an all-inclusive stay.

An all inclusive formula is offered to you in order to do your beard transplant surgery in the best conditions. This formula covers all the costs of the beard transplant Turkey, a reduced price, hospitalization fees as well as an accommodation in a luxury hotel during the postoperative period.

To learn more about the moustache and the beard hair transplant procedure, you can contact our office today to schedule a free consultation or to obtain your personalized quote online.

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Beard transplant : Why doing facial hair transplants ?

Facial hair loss occurs for a number of reasons including laser hair removal, electrolysis, surgery, burns, injuries or simply because of genetics.

Moustache restoration

Hair loss or the lack of hair growth on the upper lip may be the result of a genetic predisposition, a trauma, a surgical removal of skin cancer, a repair of a cleft lip or other causes. Facial hair transplant can restore a moustache with excellent results. Non-surgical treatments can also be beneficial in the cases of an early hair loss.


Beard restoration

In addition to genetics, trauma and skin cancer removal, beard hair loss can be the result of cosmetic procedures including laser hair removal. Some patients who wanted to streamline their morning routine may find that they miss the opportunity to grow a beard. Our beard transplant technique allows the patient to obtain the most natural result.

How is the male beard transplant performed in Turkey ?


Facial hair transplant is a procedure that restores hair in the areas where hair growth is thin or completely absent. Although this procedure is most commonly performed on the goatee and the moustache areas, it can also be performed on the majority of the beard area, the moustache, the paws and the cheek areas.

Facial hair grafts are also commonly used to hide acne and other facial scars.

Most of the objectives of this type of procedure vary from a minor filling of a small area to the restoration of a thick goatee or beard. Beard transplant surgery can be realized on areas with little or no hair or on areas where hair growth is slowed down

The number of individual grafts required for the treatment may vary from one person to another but as an average reference, the number of the grafts per treatment is as follows.

  • 350-500 grafts for the moustache area
  • 600-700 grafts for the entire goatee area
  • 200-250 grafts for each leg
  • 300-700 grafts for one cheek

Although it is not common, some patients request a second beard transplant procedure to transplant additional grafts in order to obtain a thicker density.

As with a regular hair transplant, the hairs required for a beard transplant are extracted from the back or the sides of the scalp

The choice of the donor site generally depends on the one that best matches the facial hair structure

What are the different beard transplant techniques ?

There are two methods for harvesting grafts : the traditional strip or Follicular Unit Transplantation method (FUT) and the Follicular Unit Excision method (FUE).

There is another alternative which is the DHI method performed by the surgeon using the Choi pen. Each approach offers unique advantages and considerations.


After examining you, our experienced surgeons can guide you in the choice of the ideal approach according to your anatomical characteristics and to your objectives.

Moreover, non-surgical options are always recommended as an alternative or as a complementary treatment in addition to hair transplant surgery so as to optimize the results.

The Results of the male beard transplant procedure

Once transplanted and after your beard transplant in Turkey, the hairs are permanent and generally grow as if they were natural offering a similar texture and other characteristics. Once grown, the transplanted hair can be shaved as the rest of your facial hair without any harmful consequences.

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