Yellow teeth

Yellow teeth

Yellow teeth cause an unattractive smile which can affect the well-being and the self-esteem of the patient. For this reason, it is necessary to have a consultation in cosmetic dentistry.

What are the causes of yellow teeth ?

Yellow teeth are the result of the discoloration of the outer layer of the enamel. This is often due to the recurrent consumption of certain foods, it can be also associated with the accumulation of dental plaque :

  • Excessive smoking
  • Some drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine and soft drinks.
  • Some spices like turmeric and curry.
  • Poor dental hygiene : the accumulation of dental plaque and the proliferation of certain bacteria are the causes of the unsightly discoloration of the teeth.
  • Age and health : The natural wear of the enamel accelerates with age. Moreover, some medical treatments can weaken the enamel and promote tooth yellowing.

What are the symptoms ?

The first symptoms are the changes in the natural color of the teeth and the appearance of yellow stains.

For example, with age, teeth tend to become yellow and dull as the enamel layer becomes thinner, making the color of the dentin more visible.

Sometimes, yellow stains can appear on the teeth. They are the result of excessive and regular consumption of certain foods that naturally contain yellowish substances, such as coffee, tobacco or tea. They can cause or accelerate the yellowing process of the teeth. It should be noted that a yellowish stain can also be a sign of a cavity.

Other stains can change the color of the teeth :

White stains can be both a change in the color of the enamel, but above all they mark an area of weakening of the enamel which is not sufficiently mineralized in these areas. This phenomenon can appear especially in people who wear braces with bands. These white stains can also mark the presence of a tooth decay or be the result of a Fluorine overdose in children during the teeth growth period : it is fluorosis.

Black or brown stains on the other hand can be due to an advanced cariogenic process, to inappropriate oral care allowing bacteria to develop, to smoking or to the use of certain medications such as antibiotics.

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How to treat yellow teeth ?

Tooth whitening and veneers placement are the best treatments for yellow teeth. Tooth whitening should be renewed regularly in the dentist's office while the results of the veneers placement can last up to 20 years.



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