Flat buttocks

Flat buttocks:
what are the causes?

Having flat buttocks is the result of several factors including genetics and aging. The genes are responsible for the general shape of the buttocks. Younger women store fat in their buttocks during their youth, giving them a fuller appearance. Hormonal changes occur during the aging process that move fat storage from the back to the stomach, thus, it gives the women flat buttocks.

An insufficient muscle development or a significant weight loss can cause flat buttocks

The buttocks relief is composed of:

  • A gluteus maximus muscle.
  • Middle butt.
  • Little butt.

Flat buttocks are characterized by the insufficiency or the absence of the muscle and the fat mass.

Gluteal amnesia:what is it?and what are its consequences?

Amnesia of the gluteus maximus, a complex syndrome that is still relatively unknown, affects both sedentary people and people who are regularly in a seated position at work or at rest (watching tv all day long…)which is a very bad habit that leads to isolation while affecting social life.

This syndrome also affects athletes with gluteal failure (fatigue, stiffness, imbalance, etc.).

In everyday life as well as during a physical activity, any movement calls upon the synergy of a set of muscles according to a motor pattern. It is never the result of an isolated muscle alone.


How to check the posture ?

Women with a good posture will see a more rounded buttock relief because the natural curve of the lower back raises the buttocks. To check your posture, stand upright with your back against the wall, your shoulders must be down, be sure that your lower back maintains a natural curve as it should not touch the wall.

Genetics and the aging of women can result to a flat rump. Menopause causes a drop in estrogen levels which reduces the amount of fat stored in the buttocks. Muscle building gives your buttocks a considerable shape.

Moreover, the fact of not practicing sport is one of the causes of flat buttocks.

Insufficient muscle development can also explain flat buttocks ! So practicing little or no sport at all contributes to this phenomenon. If your muscles don't "swell", even the accumulated fat will do nothing for you except make your buttocks look flat...

Too much weight loss has also some effects on the buttocks which then lose its roundness, but also firmness if the diet is not associated with physical activties.

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The atrophy of the gluteal muscles or their inactivity causes back pain, the feeling of heavy legs, weight gain, but not only.

Those who suffer from this condition experience numbness in the buttocks, resulting in an increased work of the leg muscles and the lumbar region, back and leg pain, injuries to the knee and ankle problems. Although these are very common disorders, the syndrome, being a disease must be diagnosed by a doctor through the Trendeleburg test which aims at showing the presence of abnormal walking caused by reduced muscle strength in the hip abductors which means the muscles of the gluteus medius and minimus.

How to treat flat buttocks ?

After analyzing the causes of this imperfection, it will be easier to choose between these three main solutions to solve the problem:

  • Doing specific exercises to work the gluteal muscle if the cause is muscle atrophy.
  • Opting for a buttock lipofilling surgery if the cause of the sagging is cleft fatty tissue in the buttocks.
  • Undergoing buttock augmentation by placing implants in buttocks to sculpt them, improve their contour and give them the desired volume for a round and feminine appearance in harmony with your figure.
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