Chin problems

Chin problems : progeny, retrogeny and double chin

For each part of the body, there are problems, so the techniques of surgery or aesthetic medicine will solve them. The chin is the protruding part of the mandibular bone of the face. For some people, it is very advanced, for others it is receding. Sometimes, a layer of fat can be added to the contours of the face to create the effect of a double chin.

An advanced chin

It's also known as a galoshes chin. It is characterized by a more pronounced forward projection of the chin, this is the progeny.

The galoshes chin is due to the fact that the lower jaw is much more advanced than the upper jaw. In this case, the x-rays should be checked and you should discuss with the dental surgeon whether the treatment of this malformation only requires a periodontal surgery or it is associated with a cosmetic surgery.

It may also be due to a bony protuberance or to a prominence of the soft parts of the face in its lower third. Only a mentoplasty surgery can be performed to deal with this complex.

The progeny is generally hereditary and its treatment is done only after a consultation with a specialized surgeon. A careful examination of the X-rays is necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis.


A receding chin

Retrogenia is explained by the fact of having the mandibular bone receding backwards. It is when the lower jaw is receding from the upper jaw. This is both an aesthetically and a functionally inconvenient as it causes chewing and breathing problems. A check of the X-rays is necessary at this level.

When the chin is set back from the upper third of the face, the person may be subject to several complexes.

To deal with this, a prosthesis or a bone graft can be applied in the case of a receding chin through the intervention of genioplasty. But first of all, the condition of the jaw must be checked.

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The double chin


When a fatty mass is located under the jaw, it gives rise to what is called "the double chin". The main causes of the appearance of the double chin are:

  • The sagging of the skin which becomes thinner.
  • The age.
  • The weight gain.
  • The fatty infiltration.

The oval of the face is no longer clearly drawn and the face looks old and tired. We can refine its contours and redraw its oval by liposuction and/or surgery.

If the skin has a significant power of retraction, it is possible to eliminate this subcutaneous fat through fine adapted cannulas. If the skin is too slack, the excess of skin must be surgically removed.

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