Dental bridge Turkey

Le 27 septembre 2021

It is a fixed prosthesis used to replace missing teeth. It consists of three elements: 2 abutments, one mesial and one distal, and the dental bridge itself.

The abutment is the structure on which the dental bridge rests and it is made up of the two teeth next to the missing one or by artificial roots. In the first case, the two natural teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth are filed down in order to create space for the insertion of a capsule to which the dental bridge will be attached.

In the second case, the dental bridge is fixed on dental implants or on artificial roots inserted into the jawbone or mandibular bone and topped with crowns.

The shortest bridge is the one that replaces a single missing tooth by resting on the front and back teeth.

Dental bridge price in Turkey

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Its contraindications

Generally, the dental surgeon will not place a dental bridge if one of the abutment teeth or neighboring teeth is infected. If a root is too short or the patient has advanced periodontal disease, he may also refuse to use abutment teeth that are too unstable.

Finally, if there are too many missing teeth or no teeth adjacent to the one you want to replace, it may be difficult to place a bridge. Fortunately, other solutions exist such as dental implants.

There are also contraindications to dental implants such as high blood pressure, certain cardiovascular or immunological diseases or alcoholism, your dental surgeon is the one who can give a precise and personalized answer regarding dental prostheses.

How is dental bridge placement realized ?

The procedure for placing a dental bridge is not overly complex, however, it requires all the necessary examinations and diagnostic investigations. The first thing to do is to take dental impressions of the patient that will be sent to the laboratory. Once we have the provisional bridge and after a careful analysis of the teeth that will serve as an abutment.

The abutments must be properly prepared, they must be filed until they become two stumps, then covered with capsules to form the support of the dental bridge. Then a final impression is taken and sent to the dental technician for the execution of the final work.

Once ready, the dental bridge is not fixed immediately, but must be tested by the patient to verify the accuracy, comfort and color that must be equal to that of natural teeth to ensure a good aesthetic result.

If no problems arise, the bridge is permanently cemented in order to avoid infiltration that would occur with a temporary cement.

Dental bridge Turkey : aftercare and recovery

The recovery of dental bridge placement in Turkey is very simple.

You will have to follow all the recommendations of your dental surgeon.

You must brush your teeth regularly after each meal and have a good oral hygiene by using an antiseptic mouthwash.

Reduce your consumption of sweets and foods that cause caries.

Dental bridge Turkey results

The results of dental bridge placement in Turkey are excellent, the patient will be really satisfied with his healthy dentition, however, to maintain them even longer, he must follow the advice of his dental surgeon and have a good oral hygiene.